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Bahareh Bouzhmehrani

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Anxiety has become one of the most prominent mental health issues in the world. The fast-paced world that we live conditions many of us to believe that high anxiety levels are the norm and while healthy levels of stress can keep us motivated, excessive and ongoing feelings of anxiety and worry can negatively impact both our health, and our ability to function at an optimal level. Often, these feelings stem from our past and appear in our present – negatively impacting our daily life.

Most of our thoughts and behaviors are processed in our unconscious mind, which is why, we find ourselves trapped in certain patterns despite our awareness around change. I offer a combination of EMDR and counselling approach to help you heal and adapt and live a meaningful life.

EMDR therapy uses bilateral stimulation which activates the opposite sides of the brain. You can access traumatic memories in a way that can be reprocessed what you remember from the event. EMDR works by leading to a natural restoration and adaptive resolution, desensitizing (D of EMDR) unwanted feelings and linking (R of EMDR) to positive memories.

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