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I am a compassionate humanistic psychotherapist who believes individuals possess a mind, body and spirit. I create a safe and validating environment for the process of change to take place. As a Gestalt therapist, I use a holistic approach, which addresses the whole person not just fragments or parts of an individual. I also look for opportunity to apply humour in the therapeutic setting.

​I am available to see individuals, couples, some families, and groups in Hamilton. I am presently seeing clients virtually. My specialty is couple's work. If I feel I cannot be of assistance to you, I will attempt to refer you to someone who may be of a better fit.

My life experiences include being an artist, a mother and grandmother, self-sustaining farmer, owner-operator-small business, creator and workshop leader, yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner, educator and supervisor, and mental health counsellor and mindfulness teacher with the Hamilton Family Health Team. In addition to teaching mindfulness, I was part of the executive committee for Mindfulness Hamilton.

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