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I'm Carly, a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) with BCACC. I have been working in the field of trauma since 2012, initially without realizing. Working for organizations and programs addressing mental health, homelessness, the justice system, education gaps, addictions, and physical health, I began to notice a common thread: that trauma and negative life experiences have lasting effects on mental health, addictions, relationships, family, parenting, housing, education, work, self-esteem, and overall wellness.

As a counsellor, I work from an attachment lens, which means that I consider how early experiences of care, neglect, and love influence our current lives, wellness, and relationships. I also use an embodied approach, which means I often explore body sensations and experiences along with memories, deeply held beliefs, emotions, and thoughts.

Trauma therapy addresses a trauma, or many traumas, that continue to negatively impact your life. This may be any negative experience that has lasting effects for you; what is traumatic can be different for different people. I use EMDR to guide you through identifying how negative life experiences have affected you, and to process it effectively so you can move beyond it towards the life you want to live.

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