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Darcy is a certified EMDR therapist with over 10 years of experience working with youth and families who have experienced adverse events. He specializes in trauma counselling for minors and adults with a focus on child abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and witnessing violence. By processing trauma, symptoms such as, sleep issues, difficulty concentrating, explosive behaviour, disassociating, unhealthy eating, incontinence depression and anxiety etc. typically decrease. He also supports people with performance enhancement in sports, music or academics to increase peoples' abilities to thrive. He believes strongly in empowerment, self identification, and the ability to grow even when numerous treatments have been ineffective or people have been resistant to treatment. He works with folks who have intergenerational trauma, teen parents, adoptive families, shut down or explosive youth, parents, queer, and gender diverse folks.

FNHA and CVAP funding accepted.

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