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I am a trauma informed, client centred therapist. I have my undergraduate degree in Psychology and I am a Masters level Clinical Social Worker and Registered Social Worker. I spent many years working for a non-profit agency in Edmonton, working with clients who had children's services involvement, and out of an inner-city elementary and junior high school as well. In this role, I became specialized in serving clients who have experienced various forms of complex trauma including childhood abuse, domestic violence, sexual assault, accidents, injuries and witnessing traumatic events.

I am comfortable working with children aged 6 years and older, youth, adults and families.

I am also trained in other interventions including the Grief Recovery Method, CBT, strength based interventions and play based modalities that I use alongside EMDR to provide the best possible care to my clients. I have transitioned into working in a private practice where I can continue to follow my heart as I support clients on their journey of healing from trauma, grief and other mental health challenges.

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