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Thank you for taking the time to view my profile during your search for support on your healing journey. Therapy is a collaborative process that uses curiosity, courage and compassion to start exploring and unpacking all of the parts of ourselves and our experiences so that we can become connected to our wholeness once again. There are times when we may feel haunted by our past experiences, are having difficulties coping with life transitions or stressors, or are feeling stuck. It is my belief that through gentle exploration we can start to find the inner resources needed to move through and grow from these difficult experiences.

I am passionate about providing support to those whom have experienced traumas, struggle with addictions and/or are searching for meaning and purpose through spiritual means. I see the spirit, body and emotions as having the wisdom needed to support healing and use these parts of self as a path towards wholeness. I integrate the use of somatic and attachment informed therapies into EMDR processing as this deepens the therapeutic work and allows for a more integrative, intuitive and gentle approach to trauma processing.

It is important that you feel safe, supported and respected within the therapeutic relationship with your therapist. I believe that a natural authentic fit can be important in developing a cohesive therapeutic alliance. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation to support you in identifying if I would be the right fit for you on your healing journey.

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