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I am a registered social worker and psychotherapist that specializes in helping individuals above the ages of 16 + with their mental health. Specifically, I work with those who find themselves worrying often, struggling with managing their emotions, are feeling stuck in their lives, have difficulty with their self-talk, are having a difficult time with pregnancy or postpartum, or have unresolved past difficulties that are influencing their day-to-day lives in the present.

I have been in private practice for a number of years and before working for myself, I was working at an outpatient facility at a hospital and teaching College students. In my spare time I enjoy decorating and home projects, cooking, walking my dog Charlie, and puzzling.

I have been really enjoying the use of EMDR into my practice and find that it helps us to have concrete tools to use outside of session to help us regulate ourselves, as well as distance ourselves from distressing events in our past. I have found many of my clients have connected with this technique and have been surprised by how they have changed their messages and ideas of themselves in their own minds as a result of this therapy.

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