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Hello, I’m Vivienne. As an experienced integrative EMDR therapist, specializing in trauma and anxiety, people come to me to help them do more than just “cope” with their struggles. Of course immediate relief is important, but my clients really want to get down to the root of the problem and deal with that, because they know that’s the way to achieve deep and lasting change.

I can help you understand the connection between how your past is showing up in the present and I can help you clear that stuff up so you can finally start to live life on your terms.

Together, we will unpack that heavy load you’ve been carrying alone for too long. We’ll reconnect with your innate resilience and find really practical ways to grow your sense of “I got this” in a way that fits uniquely for you. We’ll make friends with those big emotions and those parts of you that you’ve hidden away or don’t much like. We’ll learn to connect with them with kindness and compassion. We’ll process those painful experiences and beliefs that are holding you back from living the life you really want to live.

You’re going to walk away from therapy feeling lighter, like the weight of that old stuff has lifted. You’ll no longer be stuck on that emotional rollercoaster and you’ll have some welcome space from those constant companions, anxiety and depression. You’ll discover how to feel better about yourself and your relationships. And most of all, you’ll have confidence that you too can bounce back from whatever life throws at you!

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